Getting Things for Free (or Cheap) from Amazon?

I’ve been horribly sick for the past week. Like disgustingly, painfully, just-want-to-curl-up-and-die sick. I had strep-throat and I’m a big baby.

So naturally, what did I do? Online shipping!

But there’s a twist. Why pay full price for things if you don’t have to? What if there was something that you could do, and it could take you as little as ten minutes, to get stuff for free or for a deep discount. You’d want it, right?

Let me share my secret with you.
It’s not actually a secret, but hey! I like to feel important. is my favourite website so far. It’s simple and easy to use, plus free (or cheap) stuff! And it’s not limited to the USA, like many websites are. There are websites for Canada, the UK, Japan, China and a few countries in Europe.

If you join, leave me a comment and tell me what the first thing you got was.



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