My Top Photo Editing Apps

Inspired by my previous post, these are my favourite photo editing apps that I use to go from average to unreal.



This is step one. It hs some basic editing functions like sharpness and fill-light, that I like to turn up, and it lets me “set up my canvas” for further editing.

Makeup Plus

Step two. This is where I re-do most of my makeup (even though I was probably wearing plenty), and add freckles, modify my eye shape, and add circle lenses.

Between these two apps, I don’t really need much else. This is where I wind up doing 99% of my photo editing.

For fun, I’m attaching the sequence photos


What do you think? How far is too far? Or is it okay as long as you know what works for you? What are your favourite apps? I’d love to try new things and add to my collection.


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