Weight Loss Solutions?

I am not perfectly slim.

I used to be 125 lbs and a little bit overweight in high school and eventually hit 135 lbs by the time I was 25. Then I had a baby. Even during my pregnancy, I stayed small, finishing at 155 lbs. But I was alone with an infant, and depression set in and I started eating. A LOT. And I gained another 20 lbs. I am 168 cm (5’6′) and I weighed 80 kg (175 lbs).

I’ve managed to lose about 15 kg just by watching my food a bit and doing some exercise, but it’s been two years since I started and it’s just not happening fast enough.

I’m on the hunt for a magic pill… lol

I’m looking at Phentermine (also known as Duromine or Acxion in Mexico). Duromine is apparently the stronger of the two (even though they are both the same drug)? Obviously, I still have a bit more research to do.

I’ll keep you updated on my decision and my progress. In the mean time… Garcinia Cambogia, I guess I’ll keep you around. (I don’t notice any effect from it, though.)


Disclaimer: I do not currently have any of the mentioned drug and once/if I do acquire it, I will most likely not discussing exactly where I got it. This is not something you should order on a whim, but instead do the work that is required to research and source it on your own. Sorry!


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