Clio Kill Cover Cushion Review

img_4327I ordered the Clio Kill Cover Cushion on after seeing it for sale in my local supermarket. This looked like a really nice transition to a cushion compact from the foundation that I was used to, as it promised many of the benefits and convenience of a cushion with the wear and coverage of a traditional liquid foundation at a seemingly reasonable price point.
I paid just under $27 US Dollars with free shipping to Canada, it arrived from Korea in just over two weeks and came with an extra bottle of primer and a nice assortment of samples.

Product Claims

Triple Action – whitening, wrinkle improvement  and UV protection with long-lasting ultimate coverage and high adhesion. Up to 24-hour wear and SPF 50+!


The packaging is very simple and streamlined. The top is matte black and the bottom matches the foundation shade. The compact opens easily but can be difficult to close if the sponge applicator is not seated perfectly in its little tray. The sponge itself is nothing special and the strip across the top for your fingers fell off after a couple of weeks of use.
The refill is in a bottle that you have to pour over the sponge. While it’s great that you get 20g instead of the usual 15g, I find it’s messy and a bit unhygienic. Part of the reason I like the refill system is because it’s essentially a brand new product without having to purchase a new compact.


While this is a cushion compact, it’s not very typical. The coverage is actually quite good, and it has a slightly more matte finish. It blends easily but does not last nearly as long as advertised on my skin. By the end of the day if it’s not touched up it looks rather patchy and it’s gone from my lower cheeks and jaw.
I have not noticed any whitening or wrinkle improvement after using it for a couple of months, however, I am very pleased with the sunscreen in the formula. I only wish it didn’t dry down so much. It leaves me feeling just a bit tight if I apply it to my bare skin.


While I enjoy the product itself, the packaging and design leave me wanting more. I have relatively dry skin and do find that it sticks to my dry spots, so this needs to be combined with some good skincare. I think that this would be best for someone with anything other than dry skin unless you have a very solid skincare routine.

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