Banila Co. it Radiant CC Cushion Review

prd_1602165999471430I was lucky enough to find the Banila co. it Radiant CC Cushion in the limited edition ‘Seoul Colors’ packaging at my local supermarket. It was the last one in the special packaging and it was in a shade that I thought would probably suit me… so I grabbed it.
My total was just over $63 Canadian plus tax for the compact and it came with a refill. This is on the expensive side, though, look online and you’ll find it cheaper.

Product Claims

This moisture recharging CC Cushion is formulated with 55% water base to help complete a flawless, luminous complexion and ensures color builds into fine, even layers with a refreshing finish.


The packaging is what drew me to make the purchase in the first place. The compact is eye-catching with an opalescent finish. It’s sturdy, opens easily, and the sponge doesn’t get in the way when you close it. The sponge also feels of nice quality compared to my last cushion.


While this is a light coverage product, I was pleasantly surprised to note that it is actually reasonably buildable. Application is effortless and it almost melts into the skin leaving a slight cooling sensation. I’m not sure if this is because of the high water content, but it feels very refreshing. It dries down quite a bit and doesn’t feel sticky, although the gorgeous luminous texture does dry to more of a slight mineral sheen. The sunscreen is slightly less than I was using before, however, I do use a separate sunscreen underneath regardless of the foundation I wear throughout the day.

The wear on this product is not bad, I did my first touch up after five hours, and the product builds beautifully even on top of what was already there. It does crease a bit in the lines around my eyes and mouth and seems to fade very quickly along my jaw.


I enjoy this cushion a lot. The packaging is very pretty and the product is quite good. My only complaint is that I feel as though it doesn’t keep that lovely dewy look as the product dries. Since it has such a high water content, it feels light and moisturising going on, but without an emollient base, the hydrating properties seem to disappear as the water evaporates. It’s not exactly drying, but it does wind up really emphasising any existing dry patches, especially if applied on bare skin.

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