Week 3 on Prozac

Monday: I forgot my first pill. Funny how I was just joking about that the other day. I’ve also been taking a colon cleanse supplement that has been helping with my weight loss, and I also forgot that one. Usually, I keep these things in my purse but today they got left behind in the kitchen. I have a feeling today won’t be my most positive as of recent.

(and it wasn’t)

Overall, though, I think I’m doing a bit better. I have had no noticeable side effects, which is always nice. Although on second thought, over the last couple of days I’ve developed a bit of a restless leg. It doesn’t really bother me, though, as I view it as ‘Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis’. (Basically, I’m okay with it because I know I’m burning more calories, and if I think about stopping it, I can).

And lastly, muy eating has gotten way better. I’m following a restricted calorie diet (I aim for about a 750 calorie deficit), and I’ve been reasonably successful over the past two weeks. I’m not always perfect, but I’m getting there, and happy with the progress I’ve been making.


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