10 Fun Beauty Finds Under $15

capture31. KAILIJUMEI – Flower Jelly Lipstick

$13.99 USD

There are a lot of copies out there, but I’m pretty sure this is the original.
Not only is it super cute, the colour adapts to your body’s ph and temperature to give you a gorgeous custom pink shade! Plus, it’s moisturising and long lasting.


2. Ecapture4lizavecca Milky Piggy – Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

$8.91 USD

Everyone that is into Korean beauty has seen this by now, but just in case you haven’t…
This is a clay mask that bubbles and foams on application, drawing out impurities and leaving your skin fresh and soft, while also being a lot of fun!


capture53. TONYMOLY – I’m Real Mask Sheet Pack of 11

$10.17 USD

Everyone loves a good sheet mask and the TONYMOLY ones are excellent. Combine that with their large selection and adorable packaging and this is a set that just can’t be beat.
My personal favourites are the lemon and tomato ones, but really I just love them all!


capture74. Kiss Me Heroine Make – Long and Curl Mascara

$14.50 USD

If you have stubborn, hard to curl lashes, let me tell you… you just might need this. I have never tried anything like this. It super curls your lashes, without even needing an eyelash curler, giving beautiful length, and a bit of volume as well. And once it’s on, it stays there.  For real, it’s crazy waterproof – invest in a good quality makeup remover!


capture85. Koji – Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

$13.12 USD

Cute and functional, this liquid eyeliner pen is considered a ‘holy grail’ product for many.It dries down nicely and stays put all day without flaking or smudging.
The brush has a felt tip and is super fine. It applies a precise sharp line every time.





capture96. Etude House – BeBe Foot Mask (Foot Peeling)

$8.25 USD

Prepare for the ultimate grossness as you watch all the dead skin literally peel off of the bottom of your feet!
It takes some time to complete the process; a week, give or take a couple of days, so if you are preparing for a special occasion do this well ahead of time. You will have baby soft feet with no unsightly dry patches.


capture117. Peripera Peri’s Water Moist Cushion

$10.85 USD

Not only is the packaging really fun, the cushion itself is quite nice too!
As is common with these cushion foundations, there are only two shades to pick from, however, they work surprisingly well on a somewhat broad but still fair skinned spectrum. So if you’re on the paler side, give it a shot!


capture128. Berrisom – My Lip Tint Pack

$6.99 USD

This is another product I feel like you almost have to have been hiding under a rock to not have heard about. This is the original peel-off lip tint.
They come in a good variety of shades and are lots of fun to apply and peel off.


capture139. Clio – Lipnicure

$8.75 – $12.98 USD

If you are a fan of matte liquid lipsticks, you will be a fan of the Clio Lipnicures.
While the name is weird, a manicure for your lips? These come in a gorgeous assortment of colours and they are really long lasting.


capture1010. Unicorn Snot – Glitter Gel for Body and Face

$9.99 USD

While the gel itself is just your regular run of the mill glitter gel… They call this unicorn snot, which makes it instantly much more fun.

*no unicorns were harmed in the making of this snot*




the Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Seriously, this is amazing. It gets into  your makeup containers and helps you pull out every last bit of product, helping you get the most for your money and making sure that nothing goes to waste.

Where have you been all my life??


What did you think? Which ones have you already tried, and which ones are you excited to try out? I’m in love with the Clio Lipnicures… I think I need the entire collection. They’re so pretty!


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