What I’m Lusting After

This is a fun post to write. We all have those things that we wish for, some things are perfectly attainable, and others seem more like a far off dream. Regardless, for someone visual like me, I love having everything together in one place where I can see what I want, remove what I don’t love anymore, and tick off what I’ve gone ahead and purchased.

kisseskriss-amazon-wishlistI have two favourite wishlist websites. One of them may be pretty obvious, as it’s basically standard and makes it easy for everyone and that is Amazon. If it’s set up correctly, a gifter doesn’t need to know the person’s address, plus you can organise everything into as many separate lists as you want. I’m a real fan of that!

kisseskriss-wishlistrThe other one is wishlistr.com. It’s not nearly as functional, but it’s much more aesthetically pleasing. I use wishlistr for luxury items, and pretty much anything not available on Amazon. You can choose your template to go with the theme of the wishlist, and it’s basically just a beautiful place to keep everything. Plus, you don’t have to delete it entirely once it’s purchased so that you can have a record to go back on… if you want.

As for what’s on my lists? I list everything. I have tons of ‘toys’ (action figures and collectables), cosmetics, luxury goods, clothing. If I think I might want to buy it and it’s on Amazon, I list it. If I think I want to buy it and it’s not on Amazon and it’s not something I can impulse buy, I usually list it.

So what have I listed recently and purchased?

I picked up a dress for my office Christmas party on a recommendation from Elle Florence, a local to me beauty blogger, and is available at Nordstrom, and the shoes were a staple style that I had seen and wanted for such a long time. When I saw them at a good discount at the Bay, I snatched them up. They are by Lord & Taylor, and for the life of me, I cannot find them online anywhere. I did find a few similar styles from Nordstrom by Philip Lim, Marc Fisher, Steve Madden and Michael Kors.
Bloom by Estee Lalonde is available on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca and unless you’re really new to the beauty/fashion blogging communities, you should probably know how inspiring she is.
And the last purchase I’ll touch on are the Clio Lipnicures in Tension Red and Crime Pink (which I unfortunately returned). I picked them both up from my local supermarket.

What’s on your wishlist? Leave a link in the comments, I always love to see new inspiration!


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