Black Friday 2016 Haul

Black Friday was last week, and while I didn’t do a ton of damage, I was definitely able to pick up a few nice things for myself, and I wanted to share!

My first stop was Nordstrom. I knew I needed to get there first because I had picked out the perfect dress online and I had no idea what their stock would look like. Thank goodness I did because there were only three dresses left and only the one in my size. This is one of the few pieces that I won’t be showing a photo of. You’ll see it next week when I post my whole Holiday Party Look.

I did some window shopping for a little bit since I had to kill some time before meeting my friend for lunch. She suggested a cute little sushi place. The presentation was lovely and the food was pretty good, but the tea was just hot yellow water.dsc_8748

After she went back to work, the real shopping began. I knew that specifically, I had to find a long, light black coat (not easy to do when you’re shopping the winter season).

rockstarsOld Navy was 50% off everything, so I took a look in there. I wound up with two pairs of Rockstar Jeggings in blue and black, and a pair of black opaque tights all for less than $45. If you haven’t tried the Rockstar Jeggings, you really should. They’re super skinny, and they  smooth your sides and hold you in in all the right places. I’ll be going back for some grey ones and I’ll be happy to pay full price. They’re still really cheap. I got mine in a size four, which felt great but is a reminder that Old Navy does use vanity sizing. I am still nowhere near a size four.

After many, many hours of searching, I managed to find a really nice coat at Topshop (similar). And, score! It was 50% off as well! It’s not quite as formal as I had been hoping for, but overall it has a unique look to it and I’m pretty pleased with it. I haven’t been able to get a great picture, but again, you’ll be able to see it in my Holiday Party Look post.

la-senzaMy last stop of the day was at La Senza. While I do have a strapless bra at home, it’s fairly old, and since just about everything else I have for my party is new, I thought it would be appropriate to pick up a new set for the occasion. While it’s very simple, I thought this matching set was pretty cute, plus, this time I was smart and got them in nude.

And that’s all I picked up on Friday. It wasn’t a huge haul, but I felt very successful with it nonetheless. Everything I got were things I either needed or really wanted. Also, I managed to get my friend to take a quick OOTD picture for me on her way back to work. She’s not super comfortable with my big camera, but it turned out nicely.

Also… the bag. Keep? or sell? I really don’t know how I feel about it anymore!

But wait! I’m not done! I went back out on Sunday to the McArthur Glen Outlets, near Vancouver airport. I wasn’t planning on purchasing anything in particular. My boyfriend wanted a new wallet, and I figured I could keep my eyes open for a necklace to go with my dress for the party. I generally prefer clothes shopping alone, maybe with a girlfriend.

I found the necklace for 50% off at the Banana Republic Factory Outlet. It’s just what I was hoping for, although I would love to shorten it just a bit. We’ll see. Because my shoulders are bare, I felt like I needed something of interest to complete the look, and the three rows of pearls look really lovely. (Holiday Party Look. Sorry!)

We also made a stop at Fossil for the wallet we were looking for… We found it, and SO much more!

I wound up finding a thin pink wallet with lots of card slots. I have a problem with rewards cards, I collect them, but they get all over the place so I don’t wind up using them! I thought this might help. At 60% off it only cost me $30.

They also had a sale on their Q movement trackers so I chose the Q Reveler in black for my father. The trackers were all $30 and came with an extra strap. That’s like 85% off of retail price! (He won’t read this, so he can just think I bought it retail lol)

And… we had been gone all of 15 minutes when my boyfriend decided he needed one of the smartwatches after all. So he picked up the Q Grant for $117 and being the big sucker I am, I wound up with a Q Dreamer for myself. It came with the tan strap with a rose gold buckle, and I also got a pink strap with a silver buckle. These are currently not available on Fossil’s website, so they may or may not be discontinued.

And for real, that’s all I got this Black Friday weekend. Did you pick anything up? I’d love to see your hauls! Let me know in the comments!


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