Clio Lipnicure – Tension Red Review

lipnicure-tension-redI had been dying to get my hands on the Clio lipnicures, but they’re really pricey on, and wouldn’t ship to Canada. Fortunately for me (maybe) I found some at my local supermarket and decided to take the plunge. They were actually a fair bit more expensive even than, but hey! instant gratification? When the mood strikes, I don’t like to wait. Especially since it would have come all the way from Korea.
I paid about $26 Canadian plus tax for this liquid lipstick, which is roughly on par with what I pay for the Kat von D liquid lipsticks at Sephora and even more than the Kylie matte singles. Yikes!

Product Claims

This Lipnicure has garnered a bit of a cult following among beauty insiders in Korea. Alas, a lipstick in gloss form has arrived that has a matte finish, stays on all day, doesn’t crack on the lips, and has rich and luxurious pigmentation. Pair this with the Virgin Kiss Top Coat for extra sheen or wear it alone for a sophisticated matte look. This lipnicure will take your look from drab to serious classic glam in one easy swipe

First Impressions

I originally purchased the Crime Pink. The first thing I noticed when I opened the tube is the smell. It’s floral. Super, duper strong perfumey floral that you can almost taste when you apply it. I know this will be a deal breaker for some. Also, I think my tube is bad. It’s quite dry and very hard to apply an even layer. I tested a different one in the store and it didn’t seem to have this consistency, so I’ll be taking it back tomorrow to exchange it.

It actually worked out a bit funny. It’s not that I don’t like reds, but for whatever reason, Tension Red was actually the last colour in the line that I wanted, but the only one with a really good consistency.  I’m glad I went for it, I guess it was just meant to be. It’s the only red I reach for now!
So, be aware when you purchase these. It is a liquid lipstick and the consistency should be smooth and easy to apply. Most of the bottles at my supermarket were dried up, thick and sticky, but they were still selling them. I had to convince the girl that mine was off by physically showing her the good ones. If you get a bad one, return it! Even if you tried it out.


The packaging is small and compact, and similar to a lot of the packaging that Clio does. Matte black on top and the product visible on the bottom. I like that the tube is short and fat, as it easily fits into your hand. The doe foot applicator is pretty big and almost spoon-shaped, it’s easy to apply colour with the convex side and blend it a bit with the concave side. It’s also a little bit more difficult to control than a regular doe foot applicator. I like it, but it’s also a really unusual shape that will take some getting used to.


It applies like a dream, smooth and even with just one coat, and lasts really well. I might even like these more than the Kat Von D and the Kylie Lip Kits! The fragrance IS pretty strong, but it does fade quickly after application, and I honestly barely even notice it anymore. Tension Red is the perfect neutral red colour. Not too Pink, not too orange, and not too blue toned. Crime Pink (which I loved while I had it) was a very bubblegum pink colour. It was quite light, but still vibrant -a very fun colour. They come off easily enough with my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and just a little bit of scrubbing, and I haven’t noticed any staining afterwards, even with the red.




As you can see, the initial application is beautiful. Once I got a tube with a good consistency, I was really pleased with how easy it is to use. Plus, the more I use it, the easier it is to manage the applicator.

The initial application was at 8:00 in the morning. I had already had breakfast, so aside from some tea and a lollipop, I didn’t disturb it until lunch.
Lunch was at 1:00 in the afternoon. I had some soup, a sandwich and a coke zero. It was definitely a bit messy, and you can clearly see where the lipstick is wearing away. Under normal circumstances, I would clean up and reapply my lipstick now, but for the sake of the review, I’m leaving it for a bit longer.
The last photo is from about 3:30 in the afternoon. I left work a little bit early to go to the dentist, so the lipstick had to come off. While the lighting is quite a bit different, the wear is pretty similar to the photo from after lunch. Not much more is gone. So unless you’re eating, this stuff seems to stay put quite well.

The only thing I will mention is that when it does come off, it’s actually a bit crumbly. It’s an odd texture and you can really feel it. This doesn’t bother me, as I would normally take it off and reapply after doing anything that would cause significant wear (eating), but if you want something that will stay put through everything and feel comfortable the whole time, this might not be quite what you’re looking for.


I’m really happy with the lipstick. If you know the feeling of a matte liquid lipstick, this isn’t too different. It dries matte and feels a bit dry on the lips, but does not transfer. You can purchase the ‘Top Coat‘ separately for a glossy look that won’t cause the colour to come off, but I prefer the matte look.  It has become my go-to colour when I want to feel powerful. If you want a gorgeous, stay-all-day sexy red lip, I highly recommend this one. The only thing I’m not 100% with is the feeling when it wears off. I am okay with the fact that it does wear, but the grainy texture when it starts lifting is not my favourite feeling in the world.

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