How I’m Losing Weight -Diet

As someone who struggled with depression, anxiety, and binge eating disorder for years and years, I’ve been asked how I was able to turn my lifestyle around 180° in such a short period of time. If you’ve been following for a while or if you’ve gone back a bit you will probably have seen that I am on medication. While I don’t believe that it is necessary for everyone, it was absolutely needed for me. This is also a factor in my weight loss, as it has balanced my mood, leading to a virtual elimination of my binges. As or right now I’m down 15 pounds (7 kg), and I have done it primarily by getting my eating habits completely under control and some light cardio and bodyweight exercises.

While my “diet” isn’t for everyone, I personally prefer to have a very simple, easy and quick meal plan that I can follow day after day. I’m a creature of habit and I don’t tend to get bored. As long as I know what’s next, I have a plan and I can stick to it, and this works to set me up for success. I try to eat five times a day, although sometimes the meals are very small, and I aim to keep my calorie intake around 1200.


skim-milk-hot-chocolateI am not a breakfast person. I never have been. So let’s just get that out of the way. I’m still struggling to cut dairy out completely, so this is the one time I often let myself have it, as there’s really nothing else available in the drive through. McDonald’s only offers soy milk in the USA, apparently.

Skim milk hot chocolate, no whipped cream  from McDonald’s – 200 cal

Morning Snack / Breakfast again at work

apple-cinnamon-overnight-oatsOnce I start working and waking up I will eventually want to eat again. I will start drinking green tea as soon as I get here and I will keep drinking it all day. I’ll also have my Easy Overnight Oats that I will have prepped the night before. Sometimes I warm them up, sometimes I eat them at room temperature. The calories vary depending on what kind of milk I use. Cashew is quite low, soy is a bit higher.

Easy Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats – 350-400 cal


quinoa-veg-riceThis is a difficult one, as I’m trying to eliminate both meat and gluten from my diet as well. When I started I would often have a microwaveable steamed bun with some kind of meat in it, but that’s not ideal (although it still happens occasionally – I’m still transitioning). Ideally, I’d bring some wholegrain rice, quinoa and vegetables, but sometimes I just have a can of soup. I’ll list them all, choose one.

T&T Teriyaki chicken steamed bun – 230 cal
1 cup half brown rice/half quinoa + mixed veg – 250 cal
Canned soup (usually Amy’s) 140-280 cal depending on variety


fuji-appleI often go to the gym for a bit after work, so before I do that I like to have something light. Usually, it’s a piece of fruit. More
often than not it’s a Fuji apple (my favourite kind). I try to look for the biggest ones. I’ll also sometimes have a handful of almonds or cashews.

Large Fuji apple – 130 cal
Almonds/Cashews – 160 cal


konjac-noodles-vegAgain, this is where repetition and simplicity come in again. Even though I’m cooking for other people a lot of the time, I still make my own separate meals. I use a lot of konjac noodles, as they are high fibre and low calorie. This allows me to have a large meal without worrying about how much I consume. I generally boil a can of tomatoes down with some spices until it looks saucy and add the noodles. If I leave it like this, the calories are minimal, so I’ll try to bulk it up with some vegetables like squash, or I’ll mix in a little bit of quinoa or Daya shreds so that I hit my 1200 calories.

Konjac noodles + tomato – 120 cal
Daiya cheese shreds – 90 cal

Total 1300 calories

Note that this isn’t exact. I might skip things or add things but this is a pretty good rough idea of what I eat every day. I don’t often change it up. I know for some this might get boring, and I know I will have to broaden my tastes eventually, especially once I have to start eating more calories, but this is what works for me.

This got pretty long, so I’ll cover my exercise in a couple of weeks!
What do you eat regularly. Have you tried my oatmeal yet? It’s delicious! Leave me a comment!


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2 thoughts on “How I’m Losing Weight -Diet

  1. demibees

    This is a wonderful post! I’ve recently adopted a Vegan/Vegetarian diet (mostly Vegan) so I understand the transition. You sound like you are doing a fantastic job so far. Good Luck! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m always a bit jealous of the people who seem to be able to transition so easily. It’s definitely a challenge, especially when living with people who are simply not interested. I feel so much better though! Hope it’s going well for you too!

      Liked by 1 person

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