The Clarisonic Changed My Life

clarisonic-mia-2About a month ago I finally picked up a Clarisonic. This has been something I’ve wanted for years, but because of the price I never purchased. A friend of mine decided it was time to upgrade hers and offered me the old one, so you can guess I didn’t say no! I I got myself a lovely green Clarisonic Mia 2 for $10!

But I’m so absolutely filled with regret! I really wish I had just gone ahead and bought one when the craze started a few years ago. It has literally changed my skin so much. I don’t think I will ever go back.

Let’s talk about my skin for a moment. To be clear, I never really had “bad” skin. It’s pretty normal, leaning a little bit towards dry, but not too much, and I’m prone to redness, but that’s less a sensitivity thing and more of a skin colour thing (I’m pretty pale). I sometimes get dry patches and texture, and I also get an occasional pimple, but most of the time it’s because when I was really depressed I would sometimes go days without showering or washing my face. (Gross, I know).

I love skincare, but I’m also a little bit lazy and forgetful. My main concern was my skin’s texture, and I had a selection of physical and chemical exfoliants that I would use occasionally, whenever I remembered. Sometimes I would go a week or two without remembering, and then try to play catch up once my skin started getting dry and patchy, but that usually meant that I was rougher on my skin than I should have been.

The solution? I no longer use any product to exfoliate my skin. With daily use, the Clarisonic does a good enough job for me, and it’s even helping a bit with the little fine lines around my mouth and eyes. I purchase less product now, which allows me to simplify my routine a bit, but I’m getting more done. My skin is softer and more radiant than I can ever remember it being, I haven’t seen a pimple since I started using it, and my dry patches are long gone.

I know that it’s not for everyone, but I still highly recommend it for anyone that doesn’t have super sensitive skin.

Mia 2 at Sephora     Kate Somerville Bundle     First Aid Beauty Bundle
price is the same for all three!

What do you use to clean your skin? Do you use a brush, a washcloth, or just your hands? I’m curious, leave me a comment!


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