Happy Hauliday 2016

I know that not everyone loves this type of post, but I totally do. It’s not a showing off thing, it’s more like show&tell. It gives you a glimpse into some of the new things I have at home and what I’m excited about. Also, if you see anything you want to know more about, that you’d like to know my opinion on or see a more in depth review, this is a great place to let me know!

So let’s see what I got!

I’m going to start off with a couple of things that I purchased as little gifts for myself. While it’s great to give to others, I feel like the holiday season is a perfect time to treat yourself too.

flat-card-caseSo, I picked up a flat cardholder from Coach in a pretty variety of blue and purple colours, monogrammed in gold with 💋KS. It’s cute and practical, and not particularly expensive if you’re looking to start collecting a couple of SLGs. Also, it’s just not the kind of thing my family would tend to choose for me (it’s like they don’t know me…)
davids-tea-mugI also chose a new mug from David’s Tea. It was an absolute bargain with another purchase, and since I was already buying a few things for other people, I scooped up the deal. It’s a nice piece to keep at work, and the extra infuser basket is great to have.

mcqueenFrom my family, I got a few things. (We don’t really go all out for the most part.) My main gift was the Skull Charm Leather Wrap Bracelet from Alexander McQueen. I got it in the China Red colour and it is absolutely gorgeous! Maybe they’re figuring me out after all? I just need an excuse to wear it now!
monteverde-penI also received a new pen, it is by MonteVerde and the style is Charisma Blue Celluloid Marble. Honestly I have searched all over the internet and I cannot seem to find the same colour combination, which is really a shame. From what I can tell they no longer make it. At first it looks black, with some burnt orange marbling, but when you look a bit closer it’s actually a beautiful deep blue colour with a lot of depth.
animals-night-and-dayI also got an Animals Night and Day colouring book and a set of pencil crayons. This was unexpected but it turned out to be a lot of fun. I had been doing a lot of mandala styled “adult colouring pages” last year, and these are even more fun because of how much more detailed and complex they are.
Lastly, as a bit of a joke gift, I got a pair of dining table chairs from Ikea. Apparently we don’t have enough seating here at home. They’re actually quite nice, though.

I also did a couple of gift exchanges with a couple of friends, but we have all been so busy over the last couple of weeks that we haven’t met up to do any exchanging yet.

What gifts did you receive this holiday season? Either from yourself or from someone else? I’ve also one quite a bit of boxing week shopping, would you want to see what I’ve picked up? Leave me a comment down below so that I can see!


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