December Top 5

Just like I did last month, I’m doing my monthly “favourites” here on the blog. The last format also seemed to work pretty well, so I’ll do one fashion item, one skincare, one makeup product, one book/media item and one blog/YouTube channel.

nordstrom-off-shoulder1. The Eliza J Embellished Lace Fit & Flare Dress that I wore to my work Holiday Party.
It’s not exactly practical, I’ll be honest, and I probably won’t get a ton of wear out of it either, but it’s just so beautiful! I felt like a princess and I believe that that’s exactly what fashion is all about. Making you feel good about yourself and special, and the extra boost of confidence that goes along with that.


clarisonic-mia-22. My Clarisonic
Another one that I’ve been talking about recently, the Clarisonic has literally changed my skin. It looks brighter and smoother, my routine has been simplified significantly, and I’m actually spending a lot less money on skincare overall. If you’ve been considering purchasing a Clarisonic but the price has held you back, I would seriously consider taking the plunge. Not only will you use less product to clean your face, your other skincare will absorb better meaning you can not only use less, you’ll also see better results!

Mia 2 at Sephora     Kate Somerville Bundle
price is the same for both!

img_43273.The Clio Kill Cover Cushion Foundation in Ginger
I know when I initially reviewed this I wasn’t super happy the way it was wearing. I think some of that came down to the problems I was having with my skin, though. While it does stick to dry patches, and does best when you have a good skincare routine, now that I’ve been using the Clarisonic, I’ve fallen completely in love with this stuff again. The coverage is beautiful, and while I still don’t find that it lasts all day and I still hate the puff and the packaging, it’s easy enough to do a quick touch up and it looks really nice. I’ve been reaching for it pretty consistently since the end of November, and I’ll probably continue to use it all winter.

fuller-house4. Fuller House
While I totally understand that not everyone is as excited for this Netflix series as I am… They released season two in December and I devoured it. I have memories of it from when I was a child, so the nostalgia hit hard. It’s even cornier than the original and it’s not particularly deep, but it’s entertaining and I think I got through the whole season in two or three days. I honestly don’t know how long they plan on keeping it going (probably not that long, it’s just not as much of a hit as the original) but I will keep it as my guilty pleasure until it gets cancelled.

5. Taylor Rtaylor-rTaylor R is another big inspiration to me! (and Canadian! woo!) She is another one of the girls that really make me want to be a YouTuber. While she primarily does (almost) daily vlogs now, she just finished up an EPIC Vlogmas and more, and even though the season is over, I totally recommend checking some of those videos out. Taylor is super cute and even though she is living a lifestyle that some of us can only dream of, she still manages to be totally relatable. And she has a tiny little teacup poodle called Rosie, who is perfect.
She doesn’t update her blog much anymore, but she’s pretty consistent on YouTube and on Instagram.

LoveTaylor     YouTube     Instagram

That’s it for December! I’ve had a lot of fun this month, and I feel like some of these new favourites will be around for a long time. What do you think? What are your top 5 right now? Let me know in a comment.


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